Part Six: Page 12

April 8th, 2009, 11:14 pm
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sentiashinou April 8th, 2009, 11:23 pm
I'M NOT DEAD I PROMISE ...not yet anyway.

Umm so sorry about the lack of updates lately. <_<; I saw a lull in my homework load today so I finished up this page quick... The semester is sooo close to being over, and then I can definitely get back on track with pages. Hopefully before then, but... well. That's worked out well for me for the past few months hasn't it. <__<;;

There has been a fanart from Evan up on the fanart section for like a month now and I just haven't updated to be able to rant about it D: If you didn't read his comic the first time I told you to, GO DO IT NOW. FOR SRS.

Umm what else. I guess nothing in particular. Enjoy Lan's adorableness. xD;;

@sarall: >w< Happy Lan is always a good thing isn't it <3

@NovemberSaint: :O Fanarts? I'd love to see it! If you want you can email it to <3<3<3

@Evan: I think we're all a little gay for Lan. I mean... who said that?

@Theorah: Ahh, thanks for taking the time to read it. :D I hope you like where it goes from here~

@Robinson3938: Thanks for your kind words!
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poonipoonz April 8th, 2009, 11:59 pm
Great page as always Sentia. :D
Kaiyaweird April 9th, 2009, 9:14 am
yay! it looks great! glad you're not dead.
Robinson3938 April 9th, 2009, 11:47 am
Parts How many parts is this going to have?
Theorah April 9th, 2009, 12:41 pm
uuwah whats going on? poisened air??