Part Eleven: Page 9

April 10th, 2017, 9:34 pm
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sentiashinou April 10th, 2017, 9:31 pm
Uhh This might officially be the worst thing I've ever drawn happening. :[ B-but don't worry, this is as graphic as the violence gets for a very long while. So, yay...?

Remember a few chapters ago when they were talking about how the Crystal Sword got its name? Maybe this is why.
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sarall April 11th, 2017, 6:33 am
First reaction: Oh wow, those crystals look really awesome! I guess that makes sense for the crystal sword and all. Oooh, look at that neat glow! Poor Lindina, though.

Second reaction: Wait. Did... did Lindina just cut Zenli's arm off??? WTF IS HAPPENING D:
sentiashinou April 11th, 2017, 9:49 am
@sarall: "WTF IS HAPPENING" was pretty much my reaction the entire time I was working on this page.