Part Nine: Page 7

June 25th, 2011, 12:00 pm
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From the Author
sentiashinou June 24th, 2011, 11:26 pm
She's in luuuuv. You can tell by the blushing in EVERY PANEL.

Hrm. So, let me tell you a little bit about my writing process. For this comic at least, I work without scripting or thumbnailing. I just write each page based on what happened in the last page, with a vague idea of what needs to happen before the chapter is done. There's just one small wrinkle... my brain kind of tends to work backwards. I came up with the ending to this comic about 12 years ago, and it took me a good 10 years after that to figure out how to start it!

In case you're wondering what's the point of this rant, I'm starting to realize now that this entire chapter, I've only really known what the last panel of the chapter is going to be, and now I'm halfway through the chapter and have only a slightly better idea of how I'm going to get there. But, well, I'm not too worried. I usually start second guessing myself too much if I have too concrete an idea of what to do :B But still, wish me luck!

@zetina: Ahaha, glad you approve! You're not the only one who said that, so at least it's not too jarring a change in tone. xP;;
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Zhai June 26th, 2011, 4:58 am
awwwww :D
sarall June 28th, 2011, 5:19 pm

But in all seriousness, TEE HEE these two are so cute omg. >w< Sunny is just so pretty in every panel. And that panel with Lan and the flower.... augh preciousnessss.