Part Eight: Page 13

December 19th, 2010, 9:25 pm
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sentiashinou December 19th, 2010, 9:30 pm
I dare you to try not to read that last line in Mario's voice. I'm baaack! This last week was finals week for me, and holy goodness am I glad to be done with the semester. I hope to be drawing a lot over break, though that will include stuff other than this comic. I don't foresee any difficulties keeping up with weekly updates for the next month though. And, well, next semester I'm taking the lightest course load I've ever had, so... crossing my fingers. There's one class in particular I expect to be spending ~15 hours a week on though, so ... no promises, sorry.

Those of you who actually read my authors' comments / like to have discussions in the comments, I have a topic I'd like to push: What are your favorite media? Why do you like them? Do you have any particular ones you've tried that you didn't like?

Well, as for me, as you can probably tell, my favorite medium in general is ink, but I've grown... less satisfied with using fineliners for absolutely everything. So, I've resolved to take this break to learn to use nib pens. So far it's going pretty well--I have a few nibs I love, and a few I don't think I'll be using anymore--but I'm curious about brushes as well... I asked an employee at my art supply store to recommend one to me, and I got one, and... hated it D; I've had less-than-fun experiences with brush pens too, though admittedly I haven't used very many. They seem the logical choice for filling in large areas with black or getting really flowy lines, but I just seem to not be able to use them...? (Any recommendations for brushes or brush pens? I'm looking at you Theorah! xD)

Anyway, I hope to be finishing up this chapter and getting the next chapter cover page out of the way before getting swamped with schoolwork again. *rolls up sleeves*

@Theorah: T-thank you... What a coincidence, getting a comment like that and then neglecting the comic for months... <__<;; I will be better, I promise!
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peanutbutterpancakes December 20th, 2010, 7:50 pm
oh nibs are wonderful! I can't do much with them and since I generally use printer paper, my pages get all wrinkly. So I do much more with ink pens and colored pencils or just photoshop.