Layout Update! by sentiashinou
November 29th, 2017, 11:37 pm
This site layout was long overdue for an update, and (spoilers!) next Monday's page would have forced me to make some tweaks anyway, so I went ahead and overhauled the layout.

There are a handful of details that I'm agonizing over, so I might as well ask you guys for opinions! For example:

    I enabled SJ mobile, rather than updating the site itself to be responsive.

    I left in the arrow-key navigation, but also enabled clicking the page itself for going to the next page, since the navigation buttons are so much smaller than the old ones.

    I got rid of the rating icons. No more happy Toji! :'C

    And some other miscellaneous stuff.

If there's anything you really miss about the old site that I forgot about, please let me know! Or, you know, if there's anything you like about the update, I'd like to hear that too. :]
Hello, all. by sentiashinou
March 12th, 2007, 2:35 pm
I dunno how many of you read "That Dream Again" while it lasted, but that was kind of a substory of this comic. Yeah. I don't really know if my attention span is big enough to get anywhere with this story before getting bored, but I thought, what the hey. I've already drawn several pages and I still haven't lost interest. I'll just have to see if I get terribly frustrated with the toning.